Thursday, April 8, 2010

Art Class Easter Bunny

The class had such fun with this guy.  They had to paint the bunny first and save the eggs for last.  That was pretty hard for some of the six year olds to do.  They could paint their bunnies any color they wanted.  Most choose the burnt umber and orange that I used, but there were some more daring.  Casey choose green for the ear on the right and spots for the body.  He called it his evil bunny with chicken pox. :)
Each egg was painted seperately a color of the child's own choosing.  I showed them what happened when alcohol was dropped on a damp egg and what happened when salt was added.  I also used crayon resist, showed them how to blend colors by dropping a color on top of the original and what happens when irredescence were added.  Lots of oooos were heard. 
It was very strange when I realized that people walking in the hallways could hear these first and second graders asking for alcohol.

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  1. Oh, I love your bunny and eggs. Very cute and great color.