Monday, May 18, 2009

Bestest Friends

These two little girls were inseparable at the horse show. The younger cheered on the equestrian during every event. They chatted constantly between events, laughing and giggling. When it came time to collect ribbons, the younger "helped" her friend by carrying them for her and the equestrian was such a good friend that she let her friend do just that.
The original & prints are available.
Another new step in my art world - making a blog! I used to think making art was just - making art. Lately, I have spent more time marketing my art than making art. I have made a website, learned how to scan, used adobe photoshop to make prints, framed paintings, made business cards and flyers. Not bad I guess for 50+. Of course, help from my 15 year old daughter was muchly appreciated.
My purpose with this blog is to sell some of my art work and share the story behind the paintings. When I sold my first original painting, I felt like I was letting go of a child. My paintings are usually of something that has struck a particular chord with me and is somewhat personal. But, what to do with all these paintings? Offer to share the story and the painting with you.
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