Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My best friend was married in Key West last December. I wouldn't have missed it if I had to hitch hike & walk all the way. My husband & I decided to make a weeks vacation of it as well as the wedding celebration.

We landed in Fort Meyers and drove to Naples to spend the first night. My husband made all the arrangements for hotels, plane fare, etc. Thank goodness he took over this job as I was rather busy getting ready for an art show and Christmas. We had picked the perfect time to be in Naples as there was a huge art show/sale going on the next day. What a fun day we had. All sorts of different art. The week continued with us driving through Florida and staying at different places each night. We spent three nights, including New Year's Eve, in Key West. I have never seen a New Year's Eve celebration in person like the one we saw there. Then on to the wedding. It was a beautiful, perfect, blue skied day. The wedding planner did a great job savings a place on the beach with a little shade, lots of flowers, and lots of fun. The bride was beautiful and the groom couldn't stop grinning. I love these guys! Pete and I hated to go home, but my sister, Pam, also my best friend, was watching all our critters, both 2 legged and 4 legged. She also caught a cold while sitting for us. I have a feeling that she wouldn't be so quick to volunteer next time. So, home we came. Back into the cold and the snow. Yuck!

I decided to do some paintings of the birds we saw along our Florida drive. These are a white ibis and a great egret. More to follow.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lily Pads

I use photos as references for my paintings. I was going through a box of photos and found these lilies just waiting. I couldn't resist the strong light & shadows, my favorite, and I really wanted to see if I could capture the lily pads floating as well as the stems under the water. I am happy with this one.

Friday, October 2, 2009

This is Bessie. She is my sister & her husband's fur child. She is particularly attached to my brother in law to the point that she actually mopes in the corner when he leaves until he comes back. This painting is to be a birthday gift for him. His birthday was in August - as usual, I am always late.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I used a reference photo that my husband took of Danielle & her horse, Sivad, at a local horse show. Danielle was excited to show us how she taught Sivad to KISS. When I saw the photo, I knew a painting was on its way. They just love each other so much.
The original is sold, but prints are available.

This is Fuzzy. She belong to my friend Jeannette, or rather Jeannette belongs to Fuzzy. Jeannette's son took a photo & I just couldn't resist painting it. I love the little tooth sticking out and those wonderful green eyes.

Note added 10/4/09: Fuzzy won best of show watercolor division at the Rochester Fair and received a beautiful gold rosette ribbon. I was so excited and pleased that she won - with my help, of course.

The original is sold, but prints are available.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bestest Friends

These two little girls were inseparable at the horse show. The younger cheered on the equestrian during every event. They chatted constantly between events, laughing and giggling. When it came time to collect ribbons, the younger "helped" her friend by carrying them for her and the equestrian was such a good friend that she let her friend do just that.
The original & prints are available.
Another new step in my art world - making a blog! I used to think making art was just - making art. Lately, I have spent more time marketing my art than making art. I have made a website, learned how to scan, used adobe photoshop to make prints, framed paintings, made business cards and flyers. Not bad I guess for 50+. Of course, help from my 15 year old daughter was muchly appreciated.
My purpose with this blog is to sell some of my art work and share the story behind the paintings. When I sold my first original painting, I felt like I was letting go of a child. My paintings are usually of something that has struck a particular chord with me and is somewhat personal. But, what to do with all these paintings? Offer to share the story and the painting with you.
Thanks for visiting.