Sunday, February 5, 2012

About time

Oh my, it has been so long since I posted anything.  Wow 2010!  What happened last year?!  My son, Justin, turned 30.  My daughter, Amie, turned 18.  Yup, 12 years apart and they were planned.  Mom is doing well and taking care of Dad with the patience of Job.  Pete is working at the same place.  All the four leggeds are doing well.  Ahh, a nice year was 2011.
I have been painting and teaching a couple of watercolor classes at home.  My real estate title search business was the slowest it has ever been so, I took a part time job with Strafford County Register of Deeds.  I am not great with marketing myself with either the real estate or art work.  Project for 2012 - market me.
I am working on dog paintings for now.  I want to paint different breeds and make up some note card to sell.  I am hoping to paint enough this winter to enter some shows this summer and fall.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.
Here is my latest piece.  His name is Richard and he belongs to my sister's neighbors.  My sister sent me his photo because she thought he was so darn cute.  Me too!  I just had to paint him.  The light on that sleek fur and the little tilt of his head just ached to be painted.  Hope you enjoy.  And, I will be better about posting this year.


  1. He's sooo...cute! I used to have a little guy like this named Jonesy...a great little dog.
    Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog...

  2. Oh my god! I love it!!!! One of my most loved dogs was a black daschound! Amazing work!!!!