Friday, June 11, 2010

No painting to post for now.
Spring has taken my painting time away.  We have a rather large veggie garden that is finally planted.  Now on to the weeding.  Last year we lost all of our potatoes to cute little field mice called Voles.  Voles from hell!  I have never wanted anything so cute so dead.  The potato plants were beautifully full and as high as my knees.  Then, gone!  Cut off just under the soil.  Next to go were some of the string bean plants and many of the squash and melons were chewed from underneath.  The nasty little buggers would tunnel up and snack without being seen.  I purchased a repellent to mix in with the soil, which the scent didn't seem to bother them as much as it did me.  This year the hubby bought two stake like devices with batteries in them that emit a little humming noise every 30 seconds, or so, that are supposed to repel the varmints.  We have set traps and are keeping the perimeter of the garden weed whacked so they have no place to hide.  We have also been searching through catalogues and online to see what else we can do.  At least, this year we know what to expect from them.
Hubby has a hernia so, the yard work, lawn mowing, cleaning stalls and the paddock, have become more mine then ever.  You would think that with the physical work I could lose some weight.  NOPE!
My son has RP and his vision is getting progressively worse.  I played tag team with him and my daughter at the eye doctor's office this week.  I will remember not to make their appointments the same day again. 
My Mom had to have a driving test to renew her license at the end of May and my daughter passed her driver's ed course the same week.  I make five trips to the DMV in one week!  Mom didn't do too well on her first try so she was allowed to come back a week later and did pass.  Thank goodness.  I drive Mom and Dad to all their Doctor's appointments etc., but she still gets out to do her own groceries and errands.  The first trip with my daughter to the DMV lasted about 20 minutes.  I had warned her that the lines were long.  She talked me into letting her skip her morning classes and when she saw the line told me that she had 3 tests that day.  Back to school we went.  The second trip we waited in line only to be told that I needed her original birth certificate and not a copy.  The third trip she took her written test and passed, but we were told they didn't have time to give her the driving test that day.  The fourth trip was the driving test and she passed.  Funny thing is, I renewed MY license on line the week before, so I wouldn't have to wait in line.
My hubby's Mom passed away last week in CT.  She was the sweetest, most loving, gentle lady I have every met.  I was sad that I only knew her for 7 years, but glad at least I knew her that long.
I do have a painting in progress and hope to be posting it soon.
Thanks for letting me unload. 

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  1. Thank you for all your kind comments Patsy =) I really appreciate your time and support.
    As for your recent question of whether I drew the faces from memory, the answer is no I don't. I usually draw from the pictures I see on my laptop. =) The only thing I could draw from memory would look very much like Japanese comics, I am not sure why, probably because I started off from drawing those.
    Anyway, hope to see your drawings again soon.